January 18, 2018

Hair Colouring

Wella Professional Hair Colour @ SW1 Hair and Beauty in Tunbridge Wells

Wella Professional Hair Colour in Tunbridge Wells

Wella Professional

Wella Professional is our hair colour partner. Some of our team members have earned the highly acclaimed Wella Master Colour Award which means they can offer a wide range of colour services and and help you choose the one that is perfect for you.

Our Wella Master Colour Technicians are also on hand to give advice to other designers at SW1 Hair and Beauty. To make sure we keep up to date we have regular colour training sessions in the salon and at the prestigious Wella studio’s in London.

Wella Professional Hair Colour @ Sw1 Tunbridge Wells

SW1 Salon clients can choose from a root tint to a full head of glorious high lights or colour correction /change right here in Tunbridge Wells. Working with Wella Professional and L’Oreal colour products SW1 are proud to offer the most comprehensive set of colour services anywhere in Kent.

Getting your hair colour right is an exact science. We will look at your skin tone and natural hair colour and assess your hair capabilites.
You may benefit from a single hair colour or a mixture of tones to compliment your hair style and complextion. Creative colouring is also an exciting thing to have done as our palette of colours is extensive we are able to make sure the right colour combination is chosen for you. From rich ruby chocolate shades to cool, pearl and honeycomb lights – the choice is endless.

Remember: Natural or virgin hair always has a mix of colours within it, so highlights and or lowlights can give a very natural end result.

Semi permanent colours are great to change your colour without the commitment.
We love using Wella “Colour Touch” semi permanents as you can play around with your colour and have fun. The colour is ammonia free and will last up to 24 washes – whilst giving your hair more shine than ever before without drying the hair.

Our designers have vast knowledge with colour correction or colour change. Why not come in for a consultation before booking an appointment and we can make suggestions for you.

Free Colour Consultation and Skin Patch Test.

First time clients require a skin-patch test 24 to 48 hours before a colour service.

The test is performed using a small portion of colour product, which is placed onto the skin either behind the ear or on the inner crease of the arm. It is then covered, if need be. If you are allergic, the reaction generally takes place almost immediately. The area would feel itchy and would redden, even swell a little. If any or all of these symptoms are experienced it would not be possible to use that product on your skin.