January 18, 2018

Great Lengths Hair Extensions

Congratulations to Georgia and Anna for completing an intensive two days training of Great Lengths Hair Extension course.

They are now additional members to the Hair Extension team that includes Jaimie and Sandra.

From August to October 2013, We can offer you an amazing price reduction with Georgia and Anna.

Great Lengths hair extensions can be used for volumising, lengthening, colouring or simply adding texture; your Great Lengths certified stylist will offer a free consultation guiding you through your new style. Whether creating a new look, following fashion or with a special occasion on the horizon.  Great Lengths hair extensions have over 55 colours to choose from and blend with your own hair for perfect colour matches.  New to the range are Flowstrands combining two colours for that dip-dyed effect.

Pricing is very individual,t herefore a salon consultation will be perfect to allow you to know the full costs and what will be best for your hair and your requirements.

Up to 40% off for you from NOW till October 2013 – email any questions to info@sw1hb.co.uk

Congratulations to Jaimie at SW1, Receiving an MCE

Here at SW1 we’d love to congratulate our The master colour programme is an intense journey of training towards becoming a MASTER COLOUR EXPERT to Jaimie Hilton.
Wella Professionals Master Colour Programme is the ultimate course to provide the highest achievers in colour with absolutely everything that could ever be needed within the salon to promote colour to the ever demanding clientele.

It is truly holistic, bringing in all the key factors for colouring success from handling and getting more from basic colouring to the most challenging and complicated aspects of colouring and colour correction.

There are 4 stages to the programme:

Stage 1:
This stage is to brush up on all basic colouring techniques and the basic science behind the technical services provide.

Stage 2:
This stage covers all aspects of colour including the science, biology and history to colour. This is no basic colour programme; it is very intense with projects, course work and an exam. The pass rate for this has to be higher than 85% and to be able to continue on to the stage 3 is 90%. At the end of this stage Jaimie had to work on a model and colour and style hair and do an overall presentation to members of Wella.

Stage 3:
This stage helps to build and consolidate on the expertise and the experience gained during stage 2. It helps to polish your skills and to learn to analyse hair from an advanced level. During this stage you learn advance colour correction techniques and how to maintain healthy hair. JAIMIE RECIVED HIS MASTER COLOUR SPECIALIST TITLE ONCE HE HAD COMPLETED THIS STAGE!

Stage 4:
THIS STAGE IS BY INVITATION ONLY! Not just anybody can apply for this title and part of the programme. During this stage you learn the chemistry of colour and extreme colour correction, the emotion and psychology of the effects colour has on clients and the legal considerations to do with colour. This is followed by a technical exam where hair has to be coloured to the same colour as a swatch Wella provide you. The hair you have to colour had been coloured already in 4 different sections. One section is jet black, the second section is blonde and damaged, the third is green and brown and the final section was red, orange and yellow including being very damaged. For each section there is an allotted amount of time and the exam is over 4 afternoons. All the hair from each section is marked and has to be the same colour as the swatch, and in good condition. This exam has a high failure rate and was one of the most stressful and testing things Jaimie has endured within his hairdressing career

SW1 News – New starters update


Here at SW1 we have some new starters to let you know about.

We have a new designer Zac Wall to add to the great hairdressing team here at SW1. Zac has come from Metin Warwick, a salon within the Virgin Active Health Club in Tunbridge Wells. Zac has been hairdressing since 2010, and loves getting his teeth into training courses and then in turn sharing his own expertise in Gents hairdressing.

“Hairdressing is a real passion of mine. I feel SW1 will make me an even better hairdresser as I am always looking to improve my knowledge and give the best possible service! ”

So if you’re a new client to the salon remember to print off your 25% new client discount from our website and ask for Zac when you call in!

Staying with the hairdressers we are pleased to announce that we have 3 new future professionals in salon. Jessica Goldsmith, Nunn Toben and Meghan Roberts. So look out for them when you come to visit us and I’m sure like us you will wish them well with their new hairdressing career!

And in our Beauty Department we are pleased to announce that we have a new Beauty Therapist and department supervisor in Kim Doyle. Kim has come from Reef Hideaway in Sevenoaks and has years of experience in many aspects of beauty therapy. Kim will bring knowledge in hot stone massage and will fit in perfectly with adding memento to the eyelash extension service we offer here.

Recommend a Friend

Recommend a Friend to SW1

Recommend a Friend to SW1

Introduce a Special Friend to SW1 Tunbridge Wells
Why not introduce someone special to SW1? If you do, you will both receive 25% discount off your Next Appointment.

Simply Click here to Download our Recommend a Friend Form:

Just complete your details on the form and then give it to a friend. Once your friend has had their first appointment and hands over the completed form, you will both be entitled to your 25% discount. Its that simple.

This offer is valid for new clients only, or those who have not visited the salon for at least 12 months.

This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers.

Valid for a single service only.