January 18, 2018

Congratulations to Jaimie at SW1, Receiving an MCE

Here at SW1 we’d love to congratulate our The master colour programme is an intense journey of training towards becoming a MASTER COLOUR EXPERT to Jaimie Hilton.
Wella Professionals Master Colour Programme is the ultimate course to provide the highest achievers in colour with absolutely everything that could ever be needed within the salon to promote colour to the ever demanding clientele.

It is truly holistic, bringing in all the key factors for colouring success from handling and getting more from basic colouring to the most challenging and complicated aspects of colouring and colour correction.

There are 4 stages to the programme:

Stage 1:
This stage is to brush up on all basic colouring techniques and the basic science behind the technical services provide.

Stage 2:
This stage covers all aspects of colour including the science, biology and history to colour. This is no basic colour programme; it is very intense with projects, course work and an exam. The pass rate for this has to be higher than 85% and to be able to continue on to the stage 3 is 90%. At the end of this stage Jaimie had to work on a model and colour and style hair and do an overall presentation to members of Wella.

Stage 3:
This stage helps to build and consolidate on the expertise and the experience gained during stage 2. It helps to polish your skills and to learn to analyse hair from an advanced level. During this stage you learn advance colour correction techniques and how to maintain healthy hair. JAIMIE RECIVED HIS MASTER COLOUR SPECIALIST TITLE ONCE HE HAD COMPLETED THIS STAGE!

Stage 4:
THIS STAGE IS BY INVITATION ONLY! Not just anybody can apply for this title and part of the programme. During this stage you learn the chemistry of colour and extreme colour correction, the emotion and psychology of the effects colour has on clients and the legal considerations to do with colour. This is followed by a technical exam where hair has to be coloured to the same colour as a swatch Wella provide you. The hair you have to colour had been coloured already in 4 different sections. One section is jet black, the second section is blonde and damaged, the third is green and brown and the final section was red, orange and yellow including being very damaged. For each section there is an allotted amount of time and the exam is over 4 afternoons. All the hair from each section is marked and has to be the same colour as the swatch, and in good condition. This exam has a high failure rate and was one of the most stressful and testing things Jaimie has endured within his hairdressing career

SW1 News – New starters update


Here at SW1 we have some new starters to let you know about.

We have a new designer Zac Wall to add to the great hairdressing team here at SW1. Zac has come from Metin Warwick, a salon within the Virgin Active Health Club in Tunbridge Wells. Zac has been hairdressing since 2010, and loves getting his teeth into training courses and then in turn sharing his own expertise in Gents hairdressing.

“Hairdressing is a real passion of mine. I feel SW1 will make me an even better hairdresser as I am always looking to improve my knowledge and give the best possible service! ”

So if you’re a new client to the salon remember to print off your 25% new client discount from our website and ask for Zac when you call in!

Staying with the hairdressers we are pleased to announce that we have 3 new future professionals in salon. Jessica Goldsmith, Nunn Toben and Meghan Roberts. So look out for them when you come to visit us and I’m sure like us you will wish them well with their new hairdressing career!

And in our Beauty Department we are pleased to announce that we have a new Beauty Therapist and department supervisor in Kim Doyle. Kim has come from Reef Hideaway in Sevenoaks and has years of experience in many aspects of beauty therapy. Kim will bring knowledge in hot stone massage and will fit in perfectly with adding memento to the eyelash extension service we offer here.

Anna Downs

Anna Downs - Graduate Hair DesignerAnna Downs – Graduate Designer
Anna joined the team at SW1 hair and beauty in September 2010. She progressed with NVQ Level 2 at West Kent College at a great pace. Completing the whole course in 9 months. Anna is enjoying the change in career from a veterinary nurse.

“After working as a trainee veterinary nurse for two years, I felt I needed a more colourful and creative career. There is endless amounts of knowledge to discover, but I am excited to rising to the challenge, and to learn as much as I can about all the aspects of hairdressing.”

Anna is looking forward to the challenges of being a busy hairdresser and working closely with the senior members of the team to embrace and learn all the varied techniques each one has to offer.

Anna says “ I love listening to the clients ideas and building a picture together of what can be achieved with their hair, I enjoy giving them ideas and pushing the boundaries.” Anna has great patience and a good aptitude towards hairdressing and continually strives for perfection. She is a great addition to the team.

Becky Histed

Becky Histed Hairdresser in Tunbridge Wells KentFuture professional – Trainee hairdresser
After a weeks work experience at her local salon, combined with her artistic background, having completed a National Diploma in Musical Theatre, Becky decided upon a creative career in Hairdressing and began working at SW1 in February 2010. Becky is currently completing her NVQ level 2 in Hairdressing at West Kent College.

“Whilst in training, it is so inspirational watching every single stylist create different looks and creative colours every day.

I am completely amazed by the Keratin treatment (Everlasting Blow dry), I love it, for me it is a therapeutic treatment to do on clients and I am amazed by the before and after look that it gives them. I also enjoy the conditioning treatment and I know from personal experience how relaxing and beneficial so I love to be able to give them to clients”

Becky has also been a part of the in-house Wella creative colour evening and looking forward to many other Wella and TIGI courses in the future.

Karis Davis

Karis Davis Hairdresser in Tunbridge WellsGraduate Designer
Karis has been with SW1 since the spring of 2010. She has been working in hairdressing for 5 years, qualifying in the August 2010.

Karis studied at West Kent College where she completed her Level 1 and Level 2 in Hairdressing.

Her creative flair was presented well when she came second in the Avant Garde group of a Mid Kent college competition.

Karis has attended and successfully completed Transitional Cutting course at TIGI studios and in-house Wella Creative colour and she looks forward to forthcoming training courses to broaden her knowledge.

Karis has a great passion for Hairdressing and has entered into the NHF photographic competition for the stylist of the Year.

“I enjoy adventurous cuts and transformations as it is exciting to see the finished results develop in-front of you. I also enjoyed watching the senior designers creativity with Hair extensions”

Lauren Willis

Lauren Willis Hairdresser in Tunbridge Wells KentGraduate Designer
Lauren joined the team in 2009 after a career change. Having studied for a degree in fashion promotions, which lead to a career in buying jewellery then moving into hair extensions where she then felt that working behind the desk was not for her.

She needed a creative environment where you truly are first hand in looking and developing future fashion trends not only from the catwalk but also street trends.

Lauren completed her NVQ Level 2 in Hairdressing in the December of 2010 from West Kent College showing great flair and dedication. Whilst studying she entered and came first in the Mid Kent College competition, Avant Garde division.

At SW1 Lauren has been on a TIGI Retail revival course, TIGI Transitional cutting course and Wella in-house creative colouring , consultation courses and in Jan/Feb 2011 Wella Corrective and Creative colour.

“I have absolutely made the right choice in changing my career it has over exceeded my expectations and I really feel that with my fashion background it has given another dimension of excitement for year on year trends through hair and beauty”

Sharon Topp

Sharon Topp Hairdresser in Tunbridge WellsDesigner and Bridal stylist
Sharon began her career in hairdressing 26 years ago, in a salon in Crowborough, and then as a home hairdresser and Mother, Sharon decided after 20years to return and refresh her Hairdressing skills at SW1.

Since returning to the salon, Sharon has been involved in all salon re-training and on TIGI Transitional cutting, Wella in- house creative colour and consultation courses and the very challenging corrective colour course and all of which have made her a valuable member of the team.

“It’s just the best feeling making people feel great with a whole new look. I love the buzz of this salon and it give me back a lot more confidence and fulfilling my first love again.”

Aida Walker

Adia Walker Hairdresser in Tunbridge WellsDesigner
Aida left her native Kyrgyzstan where she trained in Hairdressing and found her way to SW1 in November 2010. Aida has been a Hairdresser for 6 years and is currently attending as many courses as she can and attending the SW1 training academy to add to her skills.

“I think that the hair is a very attractive part of the body, everyone wants to have perfect hair and we can help”

Aida juggles two roles as a mother of two and her life here at SW1 but continues to combine her love of hair with a strong and instinctive creative urge for the job.
“I love my job, cutting and colouring and making clients happy. Its great to see them leave with a smile”

Aida has attended Perfect Consultation and Wella Colouring course so far and can’t wait for more.

Sam Sayer

Sam Sayer Senior Hairdresser in KentSenior Designer and Academy Trainer
Sam joined the team in 2007 after successfully completing her NVQ Level 2 in Hairdressing at West Kent College  in 2004.

She has achieved many skills and training to get her to the level she is, such as advanced Barbering, Creative cutting, Wella Colour correction and creative colouring.

Since beginning SW1 as a graduate designer Sam is an excellent example of how training and guidance can work, progressing now to Senior Designer.

“My favourite part of the job is making people smile and seeing them feel great, with creating different styles to suit each person. My best moment was doing a Wedding party, the styling, the planning, it was a great day.

The training I have received at SW1 has been amazing and has helped me to become a better communicator, enabling me to do more for my clients. Working with experienced stylists helps to keep me on my toes”

Sam has recently taken on the role of Academy trainer and education to help ensure our professional and personal hairdressing skills continues on to our future professionals.

Nikki Carter

Nikki Carter Hairdresser in Tunbridge WellsSenior Designer

Nikki moved to SW1 in 2008. Nikki has progressed her career by always challenging herself within the craft in her 20 years of Hairdressing.

Her training consists of NVQ Level 1 and 2, Creative Cutting, Goldwell colouring courses, Creating Waves and movement, Redken product training, Wella colour course, 365 Salon Success, Team building skills and Tigi Product course.

She has a great long-term clientele, which are very loyal to her. Nikki’s flair for hairdressing is evident from her work.

“ It is a very buzzy, lively salon and everyone has a sense of fun whilst being professional. Everyone is motivated and we inspire each other. I enjoy the wide range of people that visit the salon, so each day has new and great challenges.

I find that cutting is the best way to challenge someone’s hair and give them something new and exciting. I also love colouring and making people feel good about themselves.”