January 18, 2018

Hair Dreams – Hair Extensions

Sorry we have been keeping this a secret since August.  Well now the story is out.

Hairdreams are the number one Hair extension company in Europe.  Jaimie found the company and we have been on an extensive training course  trained  joined the team of Specialists.

Let me tell you more

 Hairdreams has it all.  You can lengthen, thicken and fulfill almost every hair dream. For ladies with thinning hair, even on the top of the head – Hairdreams has a solution for all. It is not all about having more length. But about having beautiful hair that is right for you.

Why Hairdreams?

The quality of the hair is exceptional, great colours, great shine and natural elasticity from the hair roots to the ends. Many differing hair structures from extra straight to extra curly. 

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